What is Keyball39?

A column staggered with each key shifted vertically is adopted so that each finger can be placed in the home position naturally, and a 34 mm trackball is attached near the thumb key so that the mouse can be operated without breaking the home position. am.

The motion sensor is placed on the back of the ball to make it as thin as possible, and even if the trackball is contained in the palm of your hand, it will not get in the way.

The trackball holding case is made by injection molding and is smooth to the touch. Since the system is good, hold the ball moderately, and even if you shake the keyboard upside down, the ball will not fall.

Since it is a reversible design, left-handed people can assemble by exchanging the left and right boards, and can also operate the trackball with the left hand. You can also use a dual-ball specification with trackballs on both the left and right sides (in that case, the trackball on the side where the USB cable is plugged in will operate the cursor, and the other side will scroll left, right, up and down). To make a dual ball, please purchase two one-handed sets with a trackball. On the other hand, if you do not want to mount a trackball on both hands, please purchase two one-handed sets without a trackball.

Although very compact with a total of 39 keys (left and right), key entry is stress-free thanks to the abundant thumb keys and the ability to assign a Modify key to the bottom key. Also, the key layout on the non-Travo side is similar to a numeric keypad.

In addition to underglow, LEDs can be mounted on the back of all keys except the thumb key (46 pcs total). LED is not included in the kit, so it is not included. If you need LED please parchase from here

The OLED module is installed on both the left and right sides as standard.

Compatible with Kailh PCB sockets, Cherry MX compatible switches can be used for hot swap. Only the thumb key can be changed to the Kailh Choc low profile switch, reducing the strain on the wrist.